Shadow - FAQ


What is Shadow?

Shadow is the first full-featured cloud-based high-end computer. It is the only remote service that offers performances capable of competing with an upscale local PC. Extremely powerful, non-existent latency, exceptional display quality, Shadow offers the perfect and ultimate experience! With its automated hardware evolutions, you will never need to buy a computer again.

What is the typical Shadow configuration?

To this date (July 2018) we have the following:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or P5000

Intel XEON 8 dedicated threads


256 GB dedicated storage

Windows 10 Home

Internet connection

What type of internet connection is required to use Shadow?

There is no issue running Shadow with FTTH or very high-speed networks with coaxial cable (FTTB). If you are on an ADSL broadband, chances are that Shadow also works, however we can not guarantee it.

What are the minimum broadband speed requirements?

Broadband speed is one of the main elements needed to enjoy the full Shadow experience. It also requires a low ping, a stable connection and low packet loss. That is why we ask that our users use fiber or cable when using Shadow, and the reason why we can not guarantee our users a proper experience while using ADSL. To answer your question, Shadow uses a minimum bandwidth averaging from 5 to 25 Mbps, depending on the use. However, this does not mean that a speedtest above 25 Mbps guarantees a good use of Shadow (as detailed above).

Does Shadow work when my internet connection is turned off?

No, you will not be able to access your Shadow if you lose internet access. For a fiber connection, this problem is unlikely - fiber failure rate is extremely low (it does not exceed 2% for a connection older than 1 month). This may represent a barrier for some but in all honesty, when you do not have access to the internet, do you actually use your computer? Or you are the type of person that is going to do something else seeing as your odds of being able to log into your online game are gone? Or maybe you're going to spend all your energy in making sure your ISP is re-establishing your connection?

Can I connect to Shadow from another device? A laptop? A tablet by wifi?

Yes, from any interface that has an internet connection. In the case of a WLAN connection, it will require a good Wifi (standards Wifi N or AC). We are currently making the necessary arrangements to provide software clients for all platforms. At the moment there are Android, Windows, macOS and Linux clients available, with iOS in development.


I am going abroad for several months. Can I expect to use my computer while traveling?

Of course you can! But you may see a decrease in performance, especially in terms of latency if your internet connection is bad or if you are very far  from our datacenters - for example if you are going to be in the U.S. or Asia.

Can I do a local backup of my data on Shadow?

Yes of course. And conversely upload your local data to Shadow. No problem.

Do you allow Torrents files to be uploaded to Shadow?

Shadow works like a normal computer, and just like your old PC, there is no system in place that prohibits downloading. That being said, we remind you that we condemn any illegal use of Shadow. None is above the law!

Can I share files / folders with friends on Shadow?

You bet you can. Sharing is caring.

Can I use Shadow with two screens?

You can not use dual screen on Shadow yet. But thanks to future updates, Shadow will be fully compatible with dual monitor configurations.

Operating system

Can I use Shadow with Linux instead of Windows as the operating system?

Shadow is sold with Windows. We are working on a way for users who want to uninstall Windows and work under Linux to be able to do so and will release this feature in the near future.

Can I use the Windows activation key from my current computer to use Shadow?

The conditions for reusing an activation key are set by Microsoft. Usually, you have an OEM license on your current PC that can not be reused, either on Shadow or on any other machine. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back as we provide each user with a Windows license for their Shadow desktop.