Powerful, evolutive and scalable

Shadow PC Enterprise provides access to powerful PCs in the cloud that run as a local Windows PC and operates from most PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and Android/iOS devices.

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Optimize the budget

Optimize the budget

Don't buy a new device every time you need one: just choose the Shadow configuration that fits your budget

Fleet management

Fleet management

Add or delete machines in a click: administer your fleet from a simple and intuitive interface



All your data is safely stored in our secure data centers, and kept completely private

Optimize your budgets

Rent a powerful machine on a monthly basis without having to invest in costly equipment

No need to own several PCs for each work environment: just connect to the same machine from any device at the office, at home, or anywhere you like

A solution for temporary employees' needs: you decide on the duration for which you need each machine and the duration of access rights.

Simplify your fleet management

Reduce your machines’ hardware obsolescence: the Shadow PC app is supported by most Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices and streams a powerful Shadow PC

Manage all your Shadow PC fleet with the Shadow Business Manager, our easy-to-use IT management tool

Get the best of both worlds: easily run your Windows-only apps from your Apple work environment, without installing any third party software

Secure and sovereignty: your data is in good hands

Our European infrastructures are designed with compliance in mind, and provide you with the best security for your files, without exploiting your data.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between Shadow PC Gaming & Power solutions and the Pro / Enterprise solutions?

The main differences between the B2C and B2B offers are as follows:
  • A Windows Professional license (the use of B2C accounts for professional use is not in accordance with the Windows licensing policy)
        > This is the main reason for the price gap; currently the OS provided is Windows Server 2019 (W10E with BYOL in Q1 2023)
  • The Shadow Business Manager tool
        > It allows the management of the allocation, reallocation, duplication of accounts according to the needs of each customer.
        > The updates in Q1 & Q2 will add Access Right Management, Account time sharing (for Education), Group Management, Templating & Cloning,
  • The period of inactivity leading to a session closure is increased to 2 hours for professionals (30 minutes for consumer offers);
        > Extended shutdown options (Q1 2023)
  • SLAs ( S2 2023)
  • Bill compliant with B2B and VAT requirements.

Can you share a Shadow PC Account?

  • At the moment, a Shadow PC account can be shared only by sharing credentials (with an email security check when used from another device)
  • You can share an account over time (no simultaneous access) by sharing the credentials (which is ok in a close and trusted group)
  • Also, for any 1st connection on a new device, an authorization request will be sent to the email associated to the account.
  • In all cases, there is no concurrent access to a machine.

How long can I use Shadow PC?

8-10 hours a day is time average; if you have an intense week of work, Shadow PC will not stop you from working, as some time you will need to sleep.
A current feature/limitation is that without keyboard/mouse inputs for 2 hours, the session will close; so for rendering type work, with long back-end processing, it does not fit
In the short term, the shutdown can be extended on demand through a simple request to the support
In the medium term, you’ll be able to trigger it directly from the Shadow Business Manager

How can I test Shadow PC?

You can test Shadow PC by simply ordering it and using it for one month, as this is the minimum commitment
For specific use cases, the Shadow Business team can authorize and create a free test account,
The duration is 1 week or 10 days, not across 2 months

What Windows OS are available?

Shadow PCs are associated with a Windows operating system (OS); it is either provided directly by Shadow and integrated into the product (we speak of "Bundle"), or it is provided unactivated by Shadow and it is up to the customer to bring and install his license key (we speak of "BYOL" (Bring Your Own License)). In the case of the Bundle, the current OS is Windows Server 2019; Soon, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 11 Enterprise will be available; In the case of BYOL, the currently licensed OS is Windows 10 Enterprise (inc the Education option).