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Exclusive to Shadow PC customers, the Shadow Game Store offers discounts on all the essential games to have in your Steam, Ubisoft, or Rockstar library.


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How can I use the Game Store keys to add games to my library?

This will be done in 2 stages:
• receipt of a voucher to be used on the Gamesplanet website to collect your Steam or Rockstar Key or Ubisoft connect key
• use the key retrieved from the gamesplanet site in Steam or Ubisoft connect or Rockstar Games Launcher.

How does Shadow plan to support its community through the Game Store?

Shadow strives to offer games spanning a wide range of genres at discounted rates. We will collect user feedback aimed at helping us seek out the games they most desire and enhance the overall experience of the Game Store. By launching the Game Store, Shadow reaffirms its commitment to delivering added value to its community. This new platform promises to open up new possibilities and enhance the gaming experience for Shadow users.

How can I find out if a game from the store is compatible with my Shadow PC setup?

Compatibility information will be displayed directly on the game's order page. All games will be compatible with either the Power offer only or both Power & Boost.