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Play Warzone like a pro, on Mac and smartphones

With Call of Duty: Warzone on Shadow PC, dominate the game with constant performance wherever you play, and even lead the battle from your smartphone.

Play with consistent performance, any time, anywhere

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In Call of Duty: Warzone, fights are always intense. Lags or framerate drops when the guns start shooting mean death. Do not let that happen with Shadow and play on all your screens with the same great performance. Whether using an office computer away from home or playing with a controller on a tablet, enjoy the same thrilling Warzone experience through the power of the Cloud, without any framerate drops.

Shadow PC is the reference gaming PC in the cloud, offering you a complete Windows gaming experience. Install, launch Call of Duty: Warzone, and dive straight into the action. More than just a gaming space, Shadow PC opens the doors to all your software such as Discord, OBS, and Teamspeak to enhance your gaming experience. And the coolest part? Play directly from a browser tab, anywhere, without even needing to install the Shadow application.

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Dominate every match of CoD: Warzone

Warzone is a performance-oriented Battle Royale experience where the best Call of Duty players fight to be the last one standing. Play from all your screens with the same high-end Cloud gaming setup using the Shadow PC offer. Set up the graphical parameters to the maximum and enjoy gorgeous visuals with a constant framerate to never let you be surprised by your opponent. With your Shadow PC in the Cloud, you can even play Warzone on your smartphone to lead your team mates to victory on the go!

Play Warzone in the same great conditions on all your screens

Highest level of performance with the Power offer

Keep your parameters wherever you play

Enjoy the actual Warzone experience on Android/iOS

Cod Warzone: the ultimate Call of Duty Battle Royale experience

Warzone is a free to play Battle Royale spin-off from the legendary Call of Duty series. The game keeps the thrilling, nervous, gunfights from the best-selling shooter franchise to offer an exhilarating BR experience. Land on the massive map, loot the best weapons you can and try to be the last one standing in the smaller and smaller safe zone. Warzone is constantly updated by its developers with new locations and weapons, following the seasons and themes of the newest Call of Duty entry in the franchise, keeping this addictive Battle Royale always fresh.


First-Person Shooter, Battle Royale





Available on:

PC, Mac & Android & iOS (via Shadow PC)

Connect anywhere

You can enjoy the best streaming performance thanks to Shadow PC's apps, available on all platforms. and NOW enjoy Shadow PC from your browser!


Raspberry Pi OS

Smartphones and tablets


Smart TVs & boxes

Android TV


Oculus Quest

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