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Rule nations in Civilization VI with your mods anywhere from the Cloud

With Civilization VI on Shadow PC, unleash the strategic leader inside you anywhere, anytime, with the best graphics and the most fluid experience on all your devices.

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The best Civilization VI for all your devices with Shadow PC

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Build your empire and lead your civilization to victory

Known for its hours-long sessions, Civilization VI is as time-consuming as it is technically demanding. The game is the most impressive strategy game, with hundreds of colorful details in the cities and landscapes. With Shadow PC, you can play your turns on any device, with a single purchase of the game and its DLCs. Start a game at home, continue it on your smartphone with the same gorgeous graphics and solid framerate.

Shadow PC is the premier cloud-based gaming PC, providing a comprehensive Windows gaming environment. Set up Steam, fire up Civilization VI, and immerse yourself in strategy and conquest. More than a mere gaming platform, Shadow PC grants access to all your essential applications like Discord, OBS, and Teamspeak, enriching your gaming adventures. Plus, the coolest feature? Game straight from a browser tab, anytime, anywhere, without the need for installing the Shadow app.

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Transform your playground through mods

On Shadow PC, transform Civilization VI into the ultimate experience with mods. Enhance your game with new scenarios, civilizations, and much more, for even more advanced strategy. With Shadow PC, unleash your creativity and assert your style in the world of Civilization VI.

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Play the most updated version of Civilization 6 everywhere in the Cloud

Civilization VI : a masterpiece of strategy

Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game in which you develop a civilization from its first village into a great, powerful sovereign state. Expand your empire by colonizing the territory around you, then across the seas. Build strong armies to fight the opposing nations or make them close friends through economic and diplomatic influence. Reach the victory by becoming the most influential culture or religion on Earth, or by landing the first man on the Moon. Each game is full of surprises and lasts fascinating hours of trying to reach, turn after turn, the leadership of the planet.




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