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Immerse yourself in The Last of Us Part I on your iOS or Android smartphone

With Shadow PC, experience the unforgettable post-apocalyptic journey of The Last of Us Part I on any of your devices, including iOS and Android smartphones.

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Enjoy the journey of Ellie and Joel from any of your devices

With Shadow PC, dive into the management of Beer Factory, anywhere you are, at any time you are up to take this refreshing challenge. Create your production line, manage your resources and storage space, recruit and manage employees, organize the logistics, and carefully monitor your finances… Enjoy this highly addictive management experience from any of your devices, keeping your preferred settings and progress anywhere you are playing from.

Shadow PC is the reference gaming PC in the cloud, offering you a complete Windows gaming experience. Install Steam or the Epic Game Launcher, launch The Last Of Us Part I and dive into the adventure. More than just a gaming space, Shadow PC opens the doors to all your software such as Discord, OBS, and Teamspeak to enhance your gaming experience. And the coolest part? Play directly from a browser tab, anywhere, without even needing to install the Shadow application.

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Dive into The Last of Us Part I with cinema-quality graphics

With Shadow PC Power offer, fully immerse yourself in the cinematic universe of The Last of Us Part I. Enjoy amazing quality textures, majestic reflections and stunning lights and shadows effects… Experience the beautiful, yet tragic, adventure of Joel and Ellie with the best setup on any of your screens, and continue this unforgettable journey across devastated America even on the go from your smartphone or any computer.

Highest level of performance and graphic effects with the Power offer

Enjoy constant frame rate and higher, wide-screen resolutions

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The Last of Us Part I: a storytelling masterpiece

The Last of Us Part I on PC is the definitive edition of one of the most critically acclaimed games in history. Players embark on an epic and emotional journey across post-apocalyptic United States of America after a mysterious fungi has almost totally turned humanity into monsters. Joel, a survivor whose life has been tragically broken at the beginning of the deadly outbreak, has to escort Ellie, a 14 year old teenager, to a mysterious rebellious clan that claims it can produce a cure to the disease. Filled with memorable characters, thrilling action and emotional moments, The Last of Us Part I is an unforgettable adventure.


Action, Adventure


Steam, Epic Games Launcher


PlayStation Studios

Available on:

PC, Mac & Android & iOS (via Shadow PC)

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Raspberry Pi OS

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Oculus Quest

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