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Rediscover your favorite games: how Shadow PC can transform your gaming experience with mods

Have you always wanted to play Skyrim with AAA-quality graphics from 2023, play Emperor Palpatine in Stellaris, or even... take the subway in Cyberpunk 2077? Mods can transform your gaming sessions, and in the cloud, it's only possible with Shadow PC!

PC gamers know it well – a modded game can live for decades. Let's take the example of STAR WARS: Empire At War, released in 2006: sixteen years later, thanks to the Empire at War: Remake 4.0 mod, this strategy game has found new life. This experience allows you to rediscover this legendary game, whether you have forgotten about it or have never played it. Installing mods is not just about changing statistics: it often drastically improves the graphics quality and completely rethinks the way you play. Luckily, among the cloud gaming or computing platforms, only Shadow PC allows you to use them!

It may seem like a daunting challenge, but rest assured, many tools are available today. Thanks to platforms like Steam Workshop, tools provided by developers, or mod managers such as Vortex Mod Manager or Mod Organizer, it is within everyone's reach to access new content. You simply need to install it with a few clicks so that it goes into the right folder and your game is ready to make it work.

Curves in Cubes with Minecraft

And if there is one game that knows how to handle mods, it's Minecraft. For over ten years, players have been having fun transforming it to create new adventures, build complex factories, and even become contemporary architects. Just install the Cocricot mod along with its texture pack to be thrown into a completely different game. You can rediscover the charm of a flower-filled country house or opt for a modern and cozy interior. Rediscovering Minecraft in this way with a good Shader Pack is a real pleasure, and to be honest, quite surprising when you're used to playing it without.

Bethesda: The King of Storytelling is also the King of Modding

Another emblematic case: Bethesda games. This renowned studio has encouraged its community to reinvent its games. Mods for Skyrim, for example, allow you to completely transform the gaming experience. From stunning visual enhancements to new quests and added characters, the possibilities are endless. Some modpacks even allow you to enjoy a completely redesigned gaming experience, or even another game – like in Fallout 4 where it is possible to play a complete remake of Fallout: New Vegas thanks to the Mojave project. The newest release from Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield, is no exception and already offers dozens of mods, some of which greatly enhance the gaming experience. Others are of questionable usefulness, but you are the ultimate judge!

Changing the Game to Change the World with Paradox

If you have a passion for playing the grand master or the conductor, Paradox games are made for you. Whether it's in Cities: Skylines, where you can build the city of your dreams, or in Stellaris, where you can conquer and transform the galaxy, mods add infinite possibilities. From new scenarios to gameplay mechanics modifications, mods allow you to customize your experience and extend the lifespan of the game almost indefinitely. Cities: Skylines II has been available since October 24, with improvements greatly inspired by the modding community. A game that will, of course, is playable on Shadow PC... along with all its upcoming mods!

So don't waste any more time, rediscover your favorite games thanks to mods! With Shadow PC, you have the power to transform your favorite games and make them unique. And in the cloud, it's only on Shadow PC.