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Everyone has a Shadow Story to tell

Today more than ever, we love to hear them

In any startup, you never know what’s ahead of you -- otherwise where would the fun be! But at Shadow, with such a strong community, one thing always remains certain: we have a bright future! 

Lately, you overwhelmed us with heartwarming messages and amazing stories. While reading them, we realized one more time that Shadow is truly a beautiful project. Because it helped you realize your dreams, because it supported your projects, because it gave you access to tools you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. You showing us that we’re on the right path definitely helps us keep our spirits up! Thank you!

Here are a few stories, picked mainly from Reddit and Twitter

« In all seriousness, I'm a dad of 2 school aged boys and you guys made me look like a hero. There's four of us at home and we can't afford a gaming pc for all of us. When shadow came along I was able to get us some chromebooks that worked perfect with shadow.

We couldn't believe how well it worked, I didn't expect too much because of stuff I've read online. However Shadow was great and was never a problem for us, even all playing at the same time. My kids love it and get to play games they couldn't before.

2020 was a tough year, but because of you guys we were able to play together as a family slaying monsters, exploring new worlds and building stuff along the way.

You guys rock! » 


« Shadow has given me a chance to game again! More importantly I have rekindled friendships with school pals I haven’t spoken to in nearly 20 years. Taking us back to the countless weekends in the LAN Cafe and reminiscing. It’s been amazing to be able to play the latest releases and really has been a life line for me over the last three years. I think now is the best time to say thank you. If things don’t turn out quite as we all hope, understand that your mission and what you delivered help at least one old bloke gamer relive his youth with his friends. » 


« Shadow has been nothing short of amazing for me. I was a die-hard PC gamer in my teens/early 20's but with adulthood comes life, family and responsibilities. Now that I am able to play games like GTA5, No Man's Sky & Skyrim on my iPhone/iPad, all the nostalgia and excitement I had all those years ago is back in full force. Thank you to the entire Shadow company and team for making this guy a gamer once more. » 


« There are few things in tech that are as magical as Shadow! I'm in it until the end and give you permission to raise my infinite tier to 50.00 per month haha. It's one of the few things I will go out of my way to bring up to people how amazing it is. Innovation and cost are very hard things to balance, but anyone who uses Shadow for 15 minutes knows it's the future and truly AMAZING.

We are all rooting for you guys in a big way. All we ask is if you have multiple offers, try to go with the one that keeps the vision of what you guys are doing alive. You made a company that can change an industry and how people use a PC and that's incredible. It would be a shame to ever see that die in any way. » 


« I have watched the service grow and jumped on board years ago, shadow never failed me, and opened up avenues I could not have considered until then (graduated from a bsc in aerospace with a flamboyant project in artificial intelligence made possible with shadow, wouldn't have even considered it otherwise). » 


« Thank you guys so much for giving me an awesome experience, if it weren't for Shadow, I never would have gotten a nice PC for myself and gotten into PC gaming. Even though I don't currently use Shadow, I still browse the subreddit and stay up to date with it. And I always recommend it to people when I can.

So thank you, even if Shadow doesn't continue on, I'll still remember all of the good times and opportunities it provided me. » 


« Even if the worst happened to Blade, I truly think you set a revolutionary and healthy ground for cloud gaming. Without you, we would have to be satisfied with rudimentary cloud gaming solutions such as St… stuff made by others.

As Victor said more than once on the Shadow News, it may not be profitable right now, but there's a market, and you've got the technology.

In this way, I truly believe you impacted not only individual lives, but the whole gaming universe. You set the keystones, the expectations.

You gave the industry a solution we normally could have hoped for at least 2030, because you shared a vision.

Love you, team Shadow ! » 


« I am so excited for this. I truly hope it'll be a positive step in progress to an already excellent service. You guys are truly the best, and have allowed me to develop my YouTube gaming channel. » 



« Your service has been amazing! I have been using it for 2 years now and absolutely love it. I really hope you stay around (and I’m confident it will!) there is so much potential… » 



We would’ve loved to add all your kind words here but all good things must come to an end (except Shadow!) - If you haven’t already, feel free to join us on our social media channels, and on our Discord and Community Forum to share your own Shadow story!


And again… 


Thank you!