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Important Updates Coming to our Support Process

We're making changes to better improve our support process.

We're making some adjustments to our support structure that will improve our ability to help users. We want to share this with you because, after all, transparency is always better than keeping information in the Shadows. Pun half-intended.

Puns aside, most users are familiar with our current support methods: tickets & phone calls.

Over the past six months, we've had an exponential number of users join our community. It's imperative our support structure matures as Shadow grows. In line with this, we have decided to exchange phone support for chat support in order to serve our users in a more efficient manner.

Why chat support?

We found that most of our support tickets require screenshots, collaboration, and time; all of which can be best performed over email or chat.

We're working towards incorporating a new version of live chat in your Shadow account page & within the Shadow app.

Live chat will provide an immediate way to contact support while greatly increasing the number of requests we can handle. No more dropped calls, static-filled conversations and most importantly, no more waiting music.

We are dedicated to our community and to providing the best support possible. Without are awesome community, our cloud gaming journey would not be possible.

We'll always be here to help no matter how we grow and change.