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Upfront payment is going to save you money on your subscription

Users in North America can now pay for 6 months of Shadow PC subscription upfront, with a discount.

A long time ago in a SHADOW far, far away, you could pay your subscription one year in advance. Since then, many of you have been requesting such an option. So here you go, we are re-enabling this type of prepayment : Let us introduce the 6-month subscription payment on Shadow PC, which we are implementing first in North America (United States and Canada). What’s the win for you? A 16% discount, so instead of paying $179.94 for 6 months of Shadow PC, you’ll pay $149.90 (instead of $29.99 per month, it costs you $24.99 per month). For the time being, only new users can benefit from this advantage, but it will be available to all North American users in a few weeks.

You probably have dozens of questions about how it works and that's fine, we've asked some of them before:

  • What happens if I’m a lucky Power Upgrade user? The discount applies only to the Shadow PC subscription, not the Power Upgrade. So for 6 months, you’ll be charged $149.90 (6 months of discounted Shadow PC) + 6*$14.99 (1 month of Power Upgrade) = $239.84
  • What happens if I want to add extra storage in the middle of my 6-month subscription? Yes, you can. Everything will be billed in “pro-rata temporis”. Here’s an example: after 4 months of your 6-month subscription, you want to add some extra storage. You will only be billed for the 2 months corresponding to the end of your current subscription.
  • What if I want to stop my subscription in the middle of my 6-month plan? Unfortunately, you will not be refunded for the rest of your subscription.
  • What’s the plan after 6 months? You’ll be automatically renewed for 6 months. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email one month before the end of your subscription to warn you.

You may have some other questions, that’s why we created a dedicated page on our Help Center.