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We are celebrating a new milestone on our Forum!

Thank you for helping us reach 10,000!

Ever wonder what goes behind the scenes of our Forum?  Look no further!

To begin, our CMs, staff, moderators, and helpful regulars browse the forums reading discussions, answering questions, and engaging with the community.  But you’ve guessed it, that’s not all that’s about our Community Forum, there is more! 

In the wake of reaching 10k members on our Community Forum, we thought we’d share a little bit about our thoughts and ideas.

Why is this place so popular?

Are they serving the best pizza in town?  Or is it something else?  

Well, let us tell you a little secret that isn’t quite so secret: people love talking about Shadow and themselves! And we love reading all about it!

We started the Community Forum as a place to receive help from our community so questions wouldn’t be drowned out in real-time conversation as it can sometimes happen on our other fast-paced community platforms. We wanted our members to come together to share workarounds, debate the best device to run Shadow on, and even troubleshoot rare issues. This allowed any Shadower to contribute their thoughts and knowledge in interesting discussions such as a Surround Sound workaround, Red Dead Redemption 2 compatibility, and even showing off their own Shadow Battlestations.

We even created a section dedicated to the development of the Shadow VR Alpha application, gathering your thoughts, insights, and feedback in our first ever collaborative production.  

Fun Tidbits

Interested in a few fun facts we gathered since the launch of our Community Forum?  

Over the course of 8 months since our launch in 2020, our community has answered 882 inquiries, asked 1284 questions, and given 5095 likes.

In fact, the most popular threads on the Forum are Welcome to the Community: Please Introduce yourself and Welcome, #TeamShadow! Then, obviously, since it’s a big topic, Shadow Ultra/Shadow Infinite in the US.

We also reward the most active members of our Community Forum with special badges you can earn depending on your activity in the community. We have unique badges for Product Pilgrims, Inspiring Seekers, Supportive Explorers, and Devoted Travellers, just to name a few. And members who joined on the first day received an exclusive Day 1 badge! Interested in one of these badges, feel free to join us!

Introducing our Bug Reporting and Feature Request categories!

We’ve loved getting to know all of you and seeing how much #TeamShadow has grown. We also love hearing your fantastic suggestions and thought this would be the perfect addition to our growing Forum.

Now, you can have your voice heard and have a real impact on the development of Shadow. You’ll also be able to stay in the know with real time tracking of progress and a notification of when it’s done. Lastly, join in the conversation to see what other features or bugs Shadow members are submitting!

Interested in learning more? Check these two new additions on the Community Forum!

And with more members than ever on the forum, it’s the perfect time to join! Find answers to your questions fast, help others and get rewarded for it, and get information and news quicker than anywhere else.

We love our community and we can never thank you enough for being a part of #TeamShadow!  Thank you!