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Copying files from your Shadow PC to your local device has never been easier

Here's a highly anticipated feature: the ability to copy files from your Shadow PC to your local device on both PC and Mac apps. This new feature complements our existing drag-and-drop system (Drag & Drop) from your local device to your Shadow PC, thus strengthening the interaction between your Shadow PC and your personal devices.

The interface already allows its users to easily drag and drop files from their local device to their Shadow PC. This intuitive feature has made data transfer as easy as pie, whether you’re moving documents, images, or larger files. Drag-and-drop has simplified the way our users interact with their data across these different platforms.

The Logical Next Step

However, we noticed that many of you wanted a similar solution for transferring files the other way around: from your Shadow PC to your local device. And we listened, making the ability to copy files to your local device the logical next step in the evolution of our service. Now, you can quickly transfer your data in both directions. Whether you need to retrieve your game saves, move gameplay videos, or share large work folders.

Secure and Fast

The security of your data is our top priority. This new feature allows you to transfer files without going through a third-party app that could compromise your data. Moreover, the transfer speed is optimized so you can move your files quickly and without interruption, no matter their size.

How does it work?

The process is as simple and intuitive as our original drag-and-drop feature. Here's how to take advantage of it:

  • File Selection: On your Shadow PC, select the files or folders you wish to copy in the file explorer or on your desktop.
  • Copy: Right-click the file you want to retrieve on your local device and choose the "Send to local computer" option.
  • Transfer: Your files will start transferring immediately. You will see the progress in the top right corner of the window.
  • Local Use: Once the transfer is complete, use the files directly from your local device, as you would with any other file.

Adding the file copying feature from your Shadow PC to your local device marks another step towards a smooth and unrestricted experience. By making the transfer of your files between your local device and your Shadow PC as simple as a click, we aim to make your gaming and working time not only smoother but also more convenient.