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Everything you need to know about the new Shadow launcher

Check out the new and improved Shadow launcher made to make your gaming experience impeccable

We've worked overtime to develop a gorgeous new launcher focused on bringing you the best experience possible. And, now it is here.

We built the new launcher with stability and simplicity in mind. We think the new launcher is easy to use and more efficient than its predecessor, and can automatically solve errors for you. But, most important, the new launcher begins loading your Shadow the momentthe moment you open it.

Load faster with the new Start button

Part of the launcher redesign includes a brand new Start button. The new Start button includes a progress bar, informing when your Shadow is ready to play. The new launcher prepares your Shadow the moment you open the launcher. The new update allows users to get into their Shadow's even faster.

Shadow Support

In the rare case when your Shadow isn't working properly, we are here to help. The new Shadow launcher makes it easy to access the help center, where you will find solutions to common issues, frequently asked questions and a useful getting-started guide to start your new launcher journey. You can also contact support through the launcher if you need assistance beyond the help center.

More is on the way

The new Shadow launcher is available on Windows, Mac and Linux desktop applications. The new launcher experience is coming to Shadow Box and Shadow Ghost soon.

We'll be adding additional features to the launcher over the next few months, including improved account-management functionality and gamepad navigation. Check out our full change log here.

For questions and feedback, let us know on our official Discord server.