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Collabora in Beta on Shadow Drive: transform your online work experience

Shadow announces the arrival of Collabora, an online collaborative suite, now in Beta via the Shadow Drive web interface.

After several months of behind-the-scenes work, Shadow Drive has been enriched with a brand new feature, Collabora. Exclusively in Beta, Collabora is a complete office suite integrated into our online storage solution that will transform the way you manage documents online, allowing you to read and edit your text files, presentations, and spreadsheets directly from the cloud.

Collabora: Your Online Office Suite

Collabora represents a significant advancement in online document management. Here's everything you need to know:

  • Accessing Collabora: At launch, Collabora is available via the Shadow Drive web interface. Access via the Shadow Drive mobile or desktop applications is not yet possible, but our teams are working on it!

  • Ease of creation and editing: The "+add" button allows you to create new documents or import existing ones. Just click on the file name to switch between editing and reading modes.

  • Supported formats: Collabora supports a wide range of formats, including those from Microsoft Office and OpenDocument formats. However, Apple-specific formats like .numbers are not supported.

To ensure compatibility, consider converting your files to the OpenDocument format while preserving your originals.

Why a Beta Phase?

As the name suggests, the Beta reflects our desire to improve your experience based on your feedback while the feature is in its early stages of development. Share your impressions and questions on our social networks: we are eager to discover how you will use Collabora in your Shadow Drive!

For everything about Collabora, including supported formats, check out our dedicated article in the help center. Get ready to change your way of working with Shadow Drive!