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Relive the thrill of the Champions League with the best football games on PC

Your team may never win the Champions League but you can still enjoy the beautiful game with these top titles on PC.

These fantastic football games are guaranteed to make you feel like a champion.

Europe’s elite football competition, the Champions League, has reached its conclusion for another year. It’s the trophy that every club aspires to win, from all-conquering giants to lowly minnows. And if you’re a Liverpool fan, you’ll no doubt be celebrating until next year’s competition comes around (you lucky things).

But for everyone else, it’s back to day-dreaming about European glory. Because the chances are, unless you’re a top four Premier League side, your team won’t be crowned kings of Europe any time soon. Come to think of it, they might not even qualify for the Champions League in your lifetime… sorry about that.

But don’t get too downhearted, as that’s where the magic of football games come in. It’s where you can not only play as your favourite team, but guide them to historic, unimaginable success. Who says Accrington Stanley can’t win the Champions League? Reality, maybe. But not us.

So instead of sulking over what could be, login to your Shadow account, get your whiteboard and tactics at the ready, and play the best football games on PC. It’s time to prove to the world that you are ‘the special one’.

Football Manager 2019

If you’re sick of shouting from the stands at your team’s latest bizarre substitution or believe that you know more than the overpaid bloke in the dugout, then Football Manager 2019 is the game for you. Take charge of the club you love and build a team that matches your vision, and see if you have what it takes to achieve domestic and European glory. With 116 leagues across 51 nations to choose from, you’ll have ample opportunity to hone your managerial skill set and create your own footballing story. Just keep an eye on your blood pressure, okay?

Super Arcade Football

Want to play an amazing arcade portrayal of the beautiful game? Well, we’ve got some super news for you. Super Arcade Football laughs in the face of realism and instead delivers a fast-action, all-thrills approach that perfectly encapsulates the reasons why we love watching people kick a ball about. Outrageous goals, crunching sliding tackles, and frantic local multiplayer action are all in attendance in this cracking little footy game. Oh, and it’s the only game with ‘slo-mo-banana-bending-technology’, which is definitely a-peeling.   

Rocket League

Okay, you won’t have seen any crazy supercars speeding through the Metropolitano Stadium during the Champions League final (if you did, you were probably on the wrong channel), but Rocket League is one of the best football games around. Period. An oversized football and a handful of rocket-powered cars shouldn’t equal hilarious, nail-biting fun, but somehow, it absolutely does. Scoring a goal never gets old in this bonafide classic - especially as an explosion sends everyone flying when you do. Awesome.  


The video game that’s synonymous with football, this list wouldn’t be complete without FIFA 19. For one, it’s the only place with the official Champions League licence, so that means you get a complete realistic broadcast presentation and the goosebump-inducing pre-match anthem. It’s also an incredibly accomplished football-sim, with unbelievable visuals, all the famous faces you can think of, and a mind-boggling number of modes for you to choose from. Assemble your own dream squad in Ultimate Team or follow the stories of three fictional footballers in The Journey: Champions - FIFA 19 is an essential purchase for every football fan.

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