Have you seen the new Shadow tutorial videos?

Our new tutorial videos will help you make the most of your Shadow experience

In our mission to become the leader in cloud computing and gaming, we are responsible for educating the community on the many different topics of cloud gaming, including how to best use your Shadow.

Recently we completed a series of tutorial videos made to educate users on what Shadow is, and how to best configure your Shadow to experience your games in the highest quality with the lowest amount of latency possible.

With the release of the new Shadow Launcher, the process to get to your games is faster and more simple. The launcher also gives advanced users more tools and functions to customize their experience. For the gamer who doesn’t care much for tweaking and customizing, the new Shadow launcher will automatically adjust your bandwidth settings for you.

Even though the launcher will take care of most configurations for you, there are some inevitable settings you’ll need to tweak; settings outside of your Shadow, like connecting to a 5Ghz connection or direct ethernet, instead of using a 2.4Ghz wifi connection.

Shadow Tutorial Videos

The Shadow Launcher

The new Shadow launcher makes cloud gaming more accessible and more customizable. This video shows you how to configure your Shadow launcher to have the best experience possible. This tutorial video also shows you where to find support and get assistance, like from the help center within the launcher.

Optimizing Your connection

It’s crucial to have a strong connection for your Shadow to run at the lowest levels of latency possible. The video above shows you how to reduce latency and prevent packet-loss.

We do not recommend using Shadow on a 2.4 GHz wifi connection. Shadow is meant to run with a direct ethernet connection or on a 5.0 GHz wifi connection, so long as you’re close to your wifi router.

Most issues with Shadow not performing as you would like can be attributed to a poor connection. If you’re not getting the experience you like, make sure your connection is in-line with the recommended settings in the connection video.

If you need any help setting up a proper connection, our support heroes are standing by for anything you need.

The Shadow Referral Program

The Shadow community is close to our heart. The more gamers we introduce to the cloud gaming revolution, the happier we are at Shadow; that’s why we created the Shadow referral program.

The Shadow referral program helps the community, too. With the referral program, you only need to refer three friends a month on the Shadow annual plan to get your month of Shadow free, or four friends if you’re still on the monthly plan and haven’t yet committed to cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming and Shadow will only get better as we continue making advancements in this new sector of technology. We dream of a world of gaming with no limitations by hardware. Without hardware limits, developers can make games better, faster and more advanced. Who knows, we could see 1000 person battle royal someday. We aren’t sure if that’s a good thing, but we can’t wait to try.

More videos are coming soon in our tutorial series and we’ll update this blog post as they release.

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