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Thanks to SHADOW’s Cloud-VR solution,
SNCF is virtually training its drivers

SNCF (the French national rail company) uses 3D-based training software to train its drivers throughout France. Learn how they utilize SHADOW’s unique cloud-VR solution to save money, increase ease of use and flexibility.

How can SNCF, France’s national railway company, easily and immersively train its future drivers across all its training centers across the entire French territory? This is the starting point of the partnership between SNCF Group and SHADOW. Lionel Duclay, Innovation Manager, Fab AR/VR - SNCF Group, explains: "Our goal is to help the various SNCF Group entities throughout France discover and deploy immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).”

As a result, SNCF has been using SHADOW’s unique cloud-based VR technology for the deployment of virtual and augmented reality train drivers training. The ultra-realistic simulation tools replicate various, sometimes complex driving situations, requiring powerful machines that can be used anywhere in France. In this article and through the below video, discover how this technology works and how it is concretely applied.

"As French technology enthusiasts, we had been following SHADOW for several years already. With the arrival of new needs within the SNCF Group, particularly for apps requiring heavy resources, we decided to turn to Shadow VR," adds Lionel Duclay.

Shadow VR technology offers an immersive virtual reality experience thanks to the power of its cloud PCs. With Shadow VR, users don't need a high-performance local computer connected to the VR headset to access high-end simulations. They can use the simplest VR headset, like Meta Quest 1 & 2, and a basic laptop to connect to the Shadow VR app via the cloud.

Among the apps implemented by SNCF, one training program allows drivers to evolve in an entirely 3D immersive environment. This application features a 3D train and all interactions similar to those of a real train have been integrated, requiring significant power needs.

"To deploy this app across all SNCF group entities throughout France, we had two options: set up expensive, bulky, and obsolescence-prone equipment or completely redesign the application to make it less resource-intensive, which would have degraded its immersive aspect. With Shadow VR, it's really the best of both worlds: we can benefit from an interactive 3D app offered in high definition, which can be used with a single VR headset. Cheaper and more efficient, this solution allows us to bring training to drivers, which also facilitates logistics," explains Lionel Duclay.

The use of Shadow VR for SNCF train driver training is an original example of how SHADOW can help companies optimize their IT infrastructure with powerful and flexible PCs adapted to all businesses. Choose your configuration, install the app, and enjoy a brand new Shadow PC Pro on all your devices.