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Unlike Stadia, Shadow brings gaming freedom

Experience complete gaming freedom with Shadow, without Stadia’s limitations

With Google Stadia’s release (and the holidays coming up), you are probably asking yourself what should be your perfect gaming solution this year? Well, you could always spend 1000’s of pound on hardware to get a good gaming rig. But who wants to do that?

Alternatively, you can leverage a cloud gaming service to have all the computing power you need, at a fraction of the cost. But which service is right for you? Let’s dive into what you’ll get out of Stadia, and why you might want to go for Shadow as your perfect gaming solution instead.

Play whatever, whenever

Stadia allows you to buy a library of games using their computing power to stream them to your device. Sounds pretty good, right? The problem is that you don’t get to decide when the games become available, they do. At launch, Stadia will provide 12 games for you to purchase. By the end of 2019, Google plans on adding 14 more games to the platform. You can see the restriction there. 

Shadow is all about freedom, and this is where it starts. Rather than going based on our schedule, buy any games that are available whenever you want. Freedom of choice. It’s the pinnacle of who we are. We don’t provide you with some of the games. We provide you with all of them. Every. Single. Game. The only thing you have to do is choose which ones you want to play first.

Own your games

You have the option to purchase any game from Stadia’s library. But what happens if you decide to stop using the service? Good question. Unfortunately, you will have lost all of the games you purchased on Stadia. There is no way to transfer games from Google’s service to your PC or Mac. Reversely, any games you have already purchased, you will have to purchase again on your Stadia account.

Shadow doesn’t believe that we have ownership of any items you purchased. What’s yours is yours. Purchase a game on Steam? That’s between you and Steam! Free Game? Sure, Go for it! Got a redemption key for a New Game? Lucky you!

If you ever cancel your subscription to Shadow, all the games you purchased are still yours to freely use wherever suits you. We’re here to help make your life easier, not hold you back.

Cloud gaming not only offers the ability to leverage computing power beyond what you would expect but also allows you to stream onto devices you would normally not be able to game from. However, with Stadia, you get a little less than you would expect. You can stream onto your PC and Mac, but for other media, Stadia will be limited to only Google Chromecast (TV), Google Chrome (Tablet), and Google Pixel (Mobile). Seems limited to… Google, don't you think?

As you guessed, Shadow solves that technological limitation as well. Game on any device you want. Simple as that. Any PC, Mac, TV, tablet, and mobile device, Shadow supports your gaming experience on a huge variety of devices. And on top of that, Shadow gives you the freedom to switch between any device you have seamlessly. Put down your laptop one moment. Pick up your mobile device in the next. Shadow is there to give you the best experience.

Freedom to do more than gaming

There is one key difference between Stadia and Shadow we haven’t brought up yet: stream freedom. Stadia allows you to game (from their library). Shadow allows you to do everything. Anything you want to do on a PC, you can do with Shadow. You get an entire Windows operating system to use as you see fit. It’s you Shadow.

So, as the holidays come swinging around the corner and shopping becomes in season again, take a closer look at how you can make your gaming experience better. Streaming an entire PC is the solution you may have been waiting for (or a great present for a friend)! To learn more about what Shadow can do for you, click the link below.