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The simple Art of Referring Shadow

Recommending Shadow to a friend has never been easier, so be sure to remember your referral code: it’s totally worth it!

Rivaling every stationary gaming PC and console, Shadow is your powerful Windows 10 PC in the cloud bringing your PC games to all the devices you already own. Just download one of our apps (on iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux) and start playing!  

Shadow comes in three flavors or configurations called Shadow Boost, Shadow Ultra, and Shadow Infinite. Each one is a little more powerful than the next and well suited to your everyday gaming and working needs. 

💡 To learn more about the three Shadow configurations, check out our article right here.

Shadow has a referral program

We here at Shadow believe that everyone should have access to an affordable, fully functional, and powerful computer in the cloud, accessible on a device you already own. A computer that you can use for gaming, browsing, streaming, designing & more. 

To give new, interested members an easier way into the world of cloud computing and breathe new life into their devices, we have our very own Shadow referral program. 

The program is simple and gives both the referrer and the referred some much-appreciated cash savings.

Ready to find out how it works? 

Then, let’s get right to it 🙌

How does the Shadow referral program work?

Every Shadow member with access to their account details has a unique referral code just waiting in their “referral”-tab to be shared. So whether your Shadow is already accessible or not, as soon as you receive your order confirmation, you are ready to share your referral code.

A referral code usually looks like this: Y2734OY95

But it can also look like this: Y9243PU63 or this: D2537QF71

💡 In order to receive the benefits, new subscribers have to enter the referral code on the shop page before checking out.

What are the benefits of using the Shadow referral program?

What a question. Money of course! And the love of sharing. 

Sharing your referral code with friends, family, pets, or neighbors who are looking to upgrade their gaming experience is nothing but free money for both of you.

And when we say free money, we mean free money:

  • The referred member (ie your neighbor) saves £5 on their first month of Shadow Boost
  • The referring member (you) saves £1 on their bill each month for every referred member for as long as that member has an active Shadow subscription

This is money you don’t spend. Money that you are completely free to use for whatever you like the most. Things like games, a coffee, or more storage for your Shadow ;D

How do you want to buy games from that £1, you ask? Pretty simple. This £1 is per active referred member, which means the more active Shadow members have used your code at check-out, the more money you save on your own monthly subscription. 

💡 Referred members receive their discount immediately while referring members will see their benefit around 20 days after the referred member received access to their Shadow.

Do you wish to learn more about Shadow’s Referral Program? Then please check our dedicated FAQ.

And now get out there!

Share that Ref-Code!