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A new beginning in sight for Shadow

The company is entering a new stage

Shadow is entering a new era. In the near future, we will make a major strategic decision for our company, team and development of our business that will change our course.

Together, five years ago, we founded Shadow with the crazy ambition to replace all computers in the world with a more efficient, more accessible and more sustainable technological model. Together, we developed the best cloud PC for all, which pools maximum computing power with minimum latency.  Together, we freed the computer from its physical constraints and made the product a smashing success, carried by a global community that embarked with us in this collective exploration. 

And history proved us right. 

In step with the times, the craze and need for Shadow becomes more and more clear as the world evolves: growing demand for computing power, rapid deployment of high-speed networks, increased search for more efficient shared consumption, not to mention the acceleration of technology in the wake of a health crisis. 

Shadow stands away from its competitors in a league of it own, thanks to its technological performance, and more ambitious approach: in 2020, 4 out of 5 GAFAM launched a “cloud streaming” service and propelled this once-obscure word into mainstream conversations, allowing Shadow to stand out with its pioneering technology and promise of freedom.

So much so that Shadow became a victim of its success. 

Over the past five years, thousands of users, two-thirds of whom are based outside of France, have been convinced by subscribing to our service. Thousands more are waiting their turn, as demand continues to increase despite lengthening delays. 

Shadow's potential has never been greater - we now need to make sure it becomes a reality by regaining new, sturdy financial grounds to build a sustainable and profitable business.

This new stage requires a fresh new start. We will undergo a reorganization in order to free ourselves from the debt holding us back to continue the development of our bleeding-edge technology. This investment process goes through the inevitable stage of collective proceedings, in France and in the United States, which will give us the best chance of achieving the dreams and ambitions we set out to accomplish since day one. 

Strengthened and emboldened by our experience, we now have a better understanding of the conditions for success. Thus, Shadow's adventure will continue. Even more, this operation gives us the opportunity to grow at a rate faster than ever. During this transition period, we will continue to develop our technology and provide the best service to our members and community, who are key to Shadows’ long-term success. 

To learn more, check out our Shadow News stream on Twitch with our co-founder, Stéphane. 


To answer your most pressing questions, we prepared an FAQ with  additional information you should know:

I'm an active member. What will happen to my Shadow subscription?

Your Shadow subscription will remain fully functional, as usual. There are no impacts on the service.

I have an active Shadow Boost subscription and a pre-order for Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite in Europe. What will happen?

For now, preorders are maintained. The arrival of a new investor will allow us to have more clarity on the deployment plan. As a reminder, preordering a Shadow Ultra or Shadow Infinite is free, and you can always cancel via your account page.

What will happen to the planned release of Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite in California and New York?

While we await for new ownership, the release of these new configurations is put on hold for now. We will update you when we have information to share.

I preordered Shadow Boost, will I still be able to access it?

Yes, nothing changes. You will be given access according to the date displayed on your account page.

I preordered Shadow Boost but I would like to get reimbursed. Is it possible?

Yes, absolutely. Simply click "Cancel my preorder" on your account page. You will be reimbursed in 5 to 10 business days.

Why didn't you communicate earlier about the delays regarding Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite in Europe?

We had multiple options regarding the development of the company, but no certainty. We know more about Shadow's future now and as soon as this ownership change is complete, we will be able to communicate more information regarding the future of these offers in Europe.

What are the next steps of the investment process for Shadow?

This process should take a few weeks. As soon as it is done, we will communicate all the details and next steps.