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Chrysalis Interactive's game-changing move to Shadow PC

Imagine cutting your development time by 80% and saving 65% on hardware costs. Sounds like a dream, right? For Chrysalis Interactive, it's reality, thanks to Shadow PC.

Chrysalis Interactive, the studio behind "Forgotten Skies*" is a prime example of how embracing cutting-edge technology can lead to significant advancements. Their journey with Shadow PC, a cloud computing platform, showcases a shift towards more efficient, flexible, and collaborative game development.

From on-site to cloud: a seamless transition

The move to Shadow PC marked a pivotal transition for Chrysalis Interactive. Chrysalis Interactive boldly transitioned its entire DevOps pipeline, encompassing tools for version control, infrastructure management, and monitoring, to run exclusively on Shadow PC. This meant ditching traditional hardware limitations and embracing a fully cloud-based approach.

"The biggest and by far most effective advantage was the nearly seamless upgrading to additional storage without any troubles and time," CEO Daniel Gippert shared.

Efficiency boost: more time for creativity

The adoption of Shadow PC significantly accelerated "Forgotten Skies" development, saving an average of 1.75 hours daily on pre-work system operations. This efficiency boost allowed the team to focus more on the creative aspects of game development. Moreover, the transition fostered a happier, more cohesive team.

"We were able to reduce the development we have been able to save time and provide better hardware equipment for each area of work without any major financial outlay," they explained. This underscores the cost-effectiveness of Shadow PC, allowing them to access high-end hardware without hefty upfront investments.

Beyond efficiency: a happier, more collaborative team

But the benefits extend beyond technical gains. Chrysalis Interactive reports a happier and more collaborative team thanks to the flexibility and accessibility of Shadow PC. Team members can now work seamlessly from anywhere, fostering better communication and boosting morale.

"Switching to Shadow PC had the additional side-effect that our teams also preferred to use Shadow PC in their private lives. This has made an unexpectedly large contribution to the morale and satisfaction of the team", they revealed. This unexpected perk highlights the positive impact cloud-based solutions can have on team culture and well-being.


Chrysalis Interactive's experience is more than a success story; it's a beacon for indie developers exploring the potential of cloud computing. Their journey underscores the importance of leveraging technology to not just meet but exceed development goals. As the studio continues to innovate in the indie game space, their use of Shadow PC stands as a testament to the power of cloud gaming platforms in transforming the development process.

This transition to Shadow PC by Chrysalis Interactive highlights a broader trend in the industry towards cloud-based solutions. It shows that with the right tools, indie studios can overcome traditional barriers, achieving remarkable results in both game quality and team satisfaction.

*Coming Q3 2024