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Creating, surviving, and adventuring in a LEGO World on Fortnite

On December, 2023, Epic Games introduced LEGO Fortnite as a new flagship mode, consistently attracting several hundred thousand players online simultaneously. Dive into the world of colorful little bricks in Fortnite with Shadow PC, accessible from any device.

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Dive into a universe of bricks on all your devices with Shadow PC

Install the game on the Epic Game Launcher.

Launch Shadow PC on any device.

Start Fortnite and play its LEGO game mode!

With just one click, you find yourself immersed in the famous universe of bricks where you can gather resources, survive, craft numerous items, and construct buildings: whether on a tablet, smartphone, or even your TV. If you're at a friend's place or using a temporary device, no worries: you can continue your game right from the device's browser thanks to Shadow PC in Browser.

Shadow PC is a powerful cloud-based PC that gives you access to a complete Windows gaming machine. Simply install the Epic Game Launcher, the game, and launch the LEGO Fortnite game mode, and play. As Shadow is a complete PC, you're not limited to games. You can also use Discord, OBS, Teamspeak, and any other program that helps you progress. Plus, with Shadow PC, you can play in a simple browser tab, anywhere, without installing any Shadow PC app.

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With Power on Shadow PC, play LEGO Fortnite in RTX

Shadow PC offers players the chance to experience the most beautiful version of LEGO Fortnite, with RTX, DLSS, and reflex mode support, on all their devices. Enjoy stunning graphics on your existing hardware, with no compromises.

RTX and DLSS technology with the Power offer

Full support for gaming peripherals

Up to 4K resolution on your existing devices.

The best game compatibility in the cloud gaming market.

LEGO Fortnite: an exciting mix of creation and survival

This new mode of the phenomenal game Fortnite is now available on all your devices and operating systems thanks to Shadow PC. Play as your favorite Fortnite characters in LEGO form, collect various resources, craft items, and battle enemies in two types of worlds: a demanding survival world and a sandbox world focused on creativity. You can play alone or with up to seven friends to build villages, explore caves, and fight together.


Survival Crafting


Epic Games Launcher


Epic Games

Available on:

PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Android & iOS (via Shadow PC)

Connect anywhere

You can enjoy the best streaming performance thanks to Shadow PC's apps, available on all platforms. and NOW enjoy Shadow PC from your browser!


Raspberry Pi OS

Smartphones and tablets


Smart TVs & boxes

Android TV


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