It’s a PC, and
a little more...

Designed to be both powerful and simple, Shadow PC is packed with features to help you make the most of whatever task you use it for. Discover our new offers with new features and capabilities.

Shadow PC follows you
on the go

When you need to switch devices, whether it's from work to home or while on the go, just connect with the new one and your session will continue seamlessly. New! With Browser Access, go on your browser, connect and play.

As easy as Plug and Play

Shadow PC works with all your peripherals just like a traditional PC: mouse, controllers, headsets. It's as simple as that.

Add screens in a click

Need a second screen? Simply log in to Shadow PC on your other device,
select the "Remote Screen" option, and that's it.

Go further with the Power Upgrade, now with 28GB RAM

To enjoy the ultimate Shadow PC experience with Ray Tracing enabled, opt for the blazing fast Power Upgrade, which is recommended for 4K.

1 Gb bandwidth
for your cloud PC

Download all your content very quickly, even if your own Internet connection is slow. That's the magic of Shadow.
Unequaled reactivity

Unequaled reactivity

Shadow PC is powerful enough to run any Windows-based application, such as communication tools, design softwares, AAA games, and more.

Safety first

Safety first

Shadow PC is hosted in ISO 27001 certified datacenters and applies all the best practices against cyberattacks on its infrastructure.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Shadow PC works with most internet capable devices. Just download the app, log in and you're good to go.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to use Shadow?

Two things are needed to connect to Shadow: a stable Internet connection and a device compatible with our app. Check our Requirement page to be sure.

What Internet connection is required to use Shadow?

Shadow automatically adapts to the available bandwidth: the higher the download speed, the better the video quality. 15 Mbps of download speed and less than 30 ms of ping are recommended for fast response time.

Once subscribed, when can I use Shadow?

For the vast majority of users, Shadow is accessible in less than an hour after subscribing. After that, your Shadow PC only takes a few minutes to set up. Enjoy your first Shadow session as soon as it's done!

What are the advantages of using Shadow PC in Browser?

Shadow PC in Browser lets you stream your Shadow PC to any device able to surf the internet from any compatible browser, bypassing any incompatibilities your device may have with the existing Shadow apps. Please note that streaming from our apps still provides the best experience, and browser access is limited:

  • Limited to 1080p 60 FPS
  • Limited settings
  • Not compatible with multi-screens
  • Does not support exotic USB devices such as steering wheels
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