Powerful, simple and flexible

Shadow PC Pro lets you explore the various facets of your talents, from 3D modeling, web dev and creating virtual works to designing a future professional path.

Optimize your budget

Optimize your budget

Choose the Shadow PC Pro configuration to fit your own monthly budget rather than buying a new device every time you need one.

Freedom of location

Freedom of location

Access your Shadow PC from anywhere: simply launch the Shadow app and you're good to go.

All your devices

All your devices

Turn any laptop, tablet, phone, and even Mac into a powerful Windows PC

Optimize your budgets

Rent a powerful machine on a monthly basis without having to invest in costly equipment

No need to own several PCs for each work environment: just connect to the same machine from any device at the office, at home, or anywhere you like

You can choose each month if you want to keep your Shadow PC Pro or put it on hold

PC configurations for all your needs

Choose from a selection of GPUs, including NVidia 1080/P5000 or RTX A4500. Our Shadow PC configurations go up to 28 GB of RAM, 5 TB of storage, and 3,7 GHz 8 vCores with Intel Xeon, and come with a 1 TB disk.

Frequently asked questions

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What do I need to use Shadow?

Two things are needed to connect to Shadow: a stable Internet connection and a device compatible with our app. Check our Requirement page to be sure.

What Internet connection is required to use Shadow?

Shadow automatically adapts to the available bandwidth: the higher the download speed, the better the video quality. 15 Mbps of download speed and less than 30 ms of ping are recommended for fast response time.

Once subscribed, when can I use Shadow?

For the vast majority of users, Shadow is accessible in less than an hour after subscribing. After that, your Shadow PC only takes a few minutes to set up. Enjoy your first Shadow session as soon as it's done!